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#99572 Yoenis Cespedes - The Overrated Met

Posted by METS FANG on 23 September 2016 - 10:45 AM

I think your basis is flawed on two HUGE points:


Flaw 1:  Your numbers are cut to specifically include the injured period in the downturn delivers a flawed story line.  Season should be broken into three distinctive parts.


1)  Pre Injury:  April - July 7th: Hitting .303/.373/.585/.958 w/ 21 dingers in in 287 AB (translates to 40-45 HR in a full season)


2)  Injured July 8th - finally put on DL August 4th:  a month in which he hit .200/.296/.311/.607 w/ 1 HR 


3)  August 19th - Current:  Returned from the DL hit .282/.344/.538/.882 with 8 dingers in 117 AB (translated to 35-40 HR in a full season)


Flaw 2:  Trade history isn't always a reflection on player:


1)  A's traded when in 1st but needed pitching, so trade STAR for STAR Jon Lester.

2)  Sox traded him  when looking at a projected 2015 starters of Bucholtz (off bad year) Lester (gone) Lackey (gone) Peavy (gone) and they needed an established starter.  Rick Porcello was coming off a great year so it was talent for talent.

3)  Detroit traded when they were all but eliminated from post season play, were staring into a ridiculous walk year resign-ability clause (we know it well) and were actively considered interested in his services for 2016 and beyond.


So yea, 4 teams in 4 years isn't the end all be all.  Matt Holliday was on 3 teams in 2 years, in hindsight, does that make Jason Bay the better player to sign in 2008?

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#96158 David Wright - Career Highs

Posted by LGNYM on 28 April 2016 - 10:05 PM

what's weird about DW's splits, is that he's doing great with the bases empty, but coming up empty when there are men on base so far:


"None on": .361; .425; .694; 1.119;

"runners on": .091; .250; .121; .371;


8 of his 9 XBH's have come when nobody is on base; with only 1 double with men on base;


IMO, that sounds like a #8 hitter at least vs RHP...he still hits LHP fine, but he rarely faces LHP though


when you look at Wright's and Duda's splits; it appears that they should almost be platooning with each other since Duda is hitting .100 vs LHP and Wright is hitting .207 vs RHP...only problem is, Flo's bats haven't shown up from St Lucie yet


I think some of that runners on/off stuff is also the timing of things.


Wright and Granderson have had alternating hot and cold streaks.  DW did pretty well the first couple weeks, but Grandy got off to a horrible start - started 1 for 24 and 7 for 49.   So with Grandy, and the pitchers spot, and TDA (who was really struggling) hitting 8th, Wright didn't have very many AB with RISP/runners on over the first few weeks when he was swinging the bat well.   Around the time Granderson got going, Wright started slumping - and was getting the AB with RISP while he was in the midst of the 3 for 28 slump

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#89114 Braves - Why A New Stadium?

Posted by METS FANG on 26 October 2015 - 07:06 PM

From the mouths of 15 year olds comes wisdom.

lol - we should all be so wise :)



Why did you made this post, aside from possibly trolling us?

My hero :)


I'll defend Yogi here and give Eagle a little back story. I hope you hang around, and if you do, you'll see this for yourself, many here are passionate and often speak very much from the heart.  Yogi is far from a troll.  He's a loyal Mets fan and a solid contributor.  You'll see that many here have similar passion with very different views on whats best for the franchise.  Sometimes those different views lead to strong conversations, and sometimes those strong conversations lead to people getting irritated.  


Yogi and I go way back, 5+ years migrating to this board and a different message board.  For the most part, Yogi and I get along very amicably.  In another pair of threads (Murphy/Cespedes - long winded, prob not worth the time to read) we definitely didn't see eye to eye and I think I've offended Yogi.  I take the above as a reactionary post lost in the moment, and I'm sure we'll be back on good terms shortly.  I've defended myself and take no long term offense from it.


Like any group that spends too much time together, fights will happen.  Some resolve, others not so much, but the board keeps turning.  But I do welcome the fresh eyes, so please, stay, get into it, sometime get overly heated, and most of all, talk mets.



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#68980 Wilmer Flores - In With Some HoF Short Stops

Posted by ShakeShack5 on 24 July 2014 - 02:59 PM

No such luck, Nieuwenhuis goes down

Unbelievable. This organization is so frustrating at times. Nieuwenhuis is one of our top 3 or 4 OFs right now. He needs to play everyday in LF for the time being.

Chris Young is a complete waste. That little spurt he had vs. Oakland was a mirage and the worst thing that could have happened. We did not even need those HRs to win those games. I have no idea why he continues to get playing time at this point. He should be released.

Im also tired of looking at Bobby Abreu. What is Abreu now, like 2 for 30 as a PH? Collins continues to pretend Abreu is a key left handed bat off the bench. He clearly is not. He is also a huge liability when placed in the OF as a starter. Abreu is of no use to this team.

There are two options that would have been much better than sending Nieuwenhuis back down. Granderson, Lagares, Kirk, and EY make a fine 4 man outfield. Campbell can also play a corner OF position in a pinch. Keeping Chris Young and Abreu is ridiculous.
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#102729 David Wright - His Comeback Has Finally Started

Posted by METS FANG on 09 October 2017 - 12:39 PM

MJJM, I agree with everything you say, BUT we are at that point where the Mets have given him the time to wrap his head around it.  They have been more than accommodating.  


3 years he's been working through this, with an accommodating Mets FO saving his spot on the field and never talking retirement.  In that time, Wright has had countless surgeries, rehabs, special programs, special stretching, extra schedule days off, no pinch hitting, no day/night games, etc etc etc.  Mets have been on board all the way.  After 3 years of 38, 37, 0 games respectively, you arrive at the point where everyone needs to sit down and have tough conversations.  


It's time for Wright to go off into the sunset with articles praising his talent and lamenting a terrible situation being written.  Keep this up for two more years, the tone of those articles are going to be VERY very different.  By the end, he won't be remembered fondly as captain america.  He's going to go down as the guy who drained the mets resources blocking their chances at a championship...


He has absolutely earned the time to fight through this and to the time to eventually come to terms, and the Mets have honored that.  Now its time to sit him down and say we feel you, we love you, we still want you here, but it can't be as a player...

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#99835 Yoenis Cespedes - The Overrated Met

Posted by thomasam on 14 October 2016 - 12:40 PM

Well the exclusive signing period is fast approaching--a few more weeks.  If Conforto looked like he was going to deliver on promise or Nimmo showed he could be anything consistent maybe it would be different but this team NEEDS Cespedes.

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#96382 Bartolo Colon - Gets His First Career Home Run

Posted by Saxon on 08 May 2016 - 08:50 AM

plus what kind of an example does he set for this young pitching staff?


here's a guy that once had dominant stuff, and was as wild as any young pitcher (age 27 season had 98 walks in only 188 innings, but also won 15 games while striking out 212 batters with an AL ERA of 3.88)...who now at almost 43 years old, has one pitch which mostly sits around 89 mph, and can still get batters out because of impeccable control and movement on his pitches...plus, he fields his position as well as any pitcher, and is not afraid to let his team's defense do their job...you never see him get mad/frustrated; always seems like he's a kid enjoying the game, and when he needs to, can still reach back for something special to get a strikeout when needed or induce a ground out  

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#95720 David Wright - Career Highs

Posted by METS FANG on 19 April 2016 - 09:32 AM

I think its amazing seeing Beltran name keep popping up on all these mets lists, and still have the haters out there due to 1 magnified AB.

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#92814 2015-16 Off-Season - Signings & Trades

Posted by Saxon on 31 December 2015 - 08:33 PM

 If someone says things over and over and loudly, does not make their point correct, and does not prove how much knowledge they have on a subject. It typically has the opposite effect.


lol...I don't know how many meetings that I went to over the years, whereas the biggest mouths would spout udder bullshit, and engineering/management would buy into their nonsense (with the intelligent guys in the room just quietly shaking their heads in disbelief)

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#92796 2015-16 Off-Season - Signings & Trades

Posted by Canada Mets Fan on 31 December 2015 - 11:44 AM

No idea what your talking about, Kazmir has been healthier then most Pitchers on the Mets staff averaging OVER 30 starts a year for the last 3 years.  People with little baseball knowledge spewing off at the mouth.  Do your fact finding before you run it.


Just because I don't regularly pop off at the mouth on this forum does not mean I have 'little' baseball knowledge. If someone says things over and over and loudly, does not make their point correct, and does not prove how much knowledge they have on a subject. It typically has the opposite effect.


And I never questioned Kazmir's health. I have never heard it mentioned anywhere that the Mets had interest in him. With the starters the team already has under control for years, I don't see any point in paying another starter an AAV of $16M. The team has more pressing needs for that money and Kazmir is no better than what the team has. That was my point, perhaps I wasn't as clear as I could have been.


Relax a bit, just because someone doesn't agree with your opinion is no cause to try and belittle them. We're all here because we're Mets fans.

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#77563 Troy Tulowitzki - Still Not a Trade Deadline Target

Posted by METS FANG on 13 April 2015 - 09:45 PM

ok, but you ponder this:


Last year at this time (which is 7 games btw) tulo was hitting .471/.517/.708 before missing 70 games

The year before at this time, he was hitting .346/4.19/.736 before missing 40 games.

The year before that at this time he was hitting .333/.406/.593 before missing 120 game.


Not a single person here is arguing the talent.  When on the field, its prolific.  But at ages 27-29 he missed 230 game and I'm not trading 3 top 100 prospects for that.  No way, no thank you.

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#75315 Ruben Tejada - Are His Mets Days Numbered?

Posted by mjjm367 on 11 March 2015 - 06:33 PM

Yeah I agree with Brian on this, at least you could use Reynolds as a right handed pinch hitter , where Tejeda is dead weight.

I got to disagree with you guys here. 


Tejada is not the answer as a starting SS.  Neither the team nor us think that he is.  However, he is about league average for a backup middle IF.  His .652 OPS in 2014 was better than Recker, E Young, C Young  or the backup MIF for the World Series Giants or Royals.  Because Tejada didn't grab the starting job, doesn't make him useless.  But his production and defense are totally in the acceptable range for the backup MIF role.


On the other hand, Reynolds has the potential to be a real MLB starting SS.  Key word there is potential.  Potential doesn't get any damn better sitting on the bench.  Reynolds has a total of 68 games at the AAA level.  He needs to play regularly.  AAA is the place for that.  And if Flores ends up not working out, wouldn't you rather see a Reynolds that was playing daily fill the spot.


It seems to me to be a total mismanagement of resources to stunt Reynolds growth because of Tejada's failure to produce as a starter has people ready to dump him.  Emotion overruling logic in a decision.

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#73899 2015 Mets - Time Is Ticking

Posted by METS FANG on 04 February 2015 - 05:37 PM

I agree. find a big stick that the Mets can rely on, and I'm on board. I'd back a trade for reliable star right now. The issue isn't the cost or the prospects, its what you get in return. Its 100% a risk vs reward

You keep pushing the now now now, but lets look at a recent history of our division.

2006 - The Braves grip on the division finally ends
2007-2011 - The Phillies, a young team built through the draft comes up and takes control
2012 - Phillies over extend on aging FA telent and falls out of relevance
2012-2015 - The nationals start taking over control of the division by adding a couple big stars to their developed young players. They add a couple big (reliable) stars to fill in their areas of weakness.

Now why weren't the mets viable during this time period? You can say Maddolf. I say BS. The Mets are not viable because they made a bunch of lousy trades/signings for high cost aging/injured players. Without looking into it, I would guess that the Mets opening day roster age from 2008 - 2012 were in the top few of the league. Are we surprised the team's stars consistently broke down and ended up on the DL?

Why would management purposefully turn what is a young promising team with a few holes into an aging injury prone anchor again?

Sign? Yes, for the right player, absolutely! But not just for spending sake.
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#70589 2015 Outfield - Are Mets Looking for a PT RH OF?

Posted by thomasam on 08 September 2014 - 10:37 AM

No disrespect meant, but do you really think that lineup sells tickets?

I haven't read through the whole thread and I see MFO talks about the pitching below already, but I am going to say yes it does sell tickets. It all depends on winning early and if that team hits like they have started to hit now and Harvey comes back strong people will go to see this team because of that winning.

There's tons of new talent, and that talent has fan-friendly and media-friendly story lines. We all know all of this below, but think of it from the standpoint of a fan on the fence or from the media looking to cover a team:

1) Duda who's the new power hitter in town, and if this emergence is real is the Paul Bunyan-esque center of the lineup

2) d'Arnaud who could be the catcher who handles a top pitching staff and produces at the plate, our own Buster Posey/Matt Wieters level answer--and his second half has shown what he can do when healthy

3) Wright still being the fan favorite and the case for player who deserves post-season chances while still in the prime of his career (if his shoulder is back and OK next year)

4) Lagares as the most exciting defensive CF ever for this team. Beltran is one of my favorite Mets for a multitude of reasons, but there's highlight reel stuff all over the place out there these days, and that sells.

5) A great story about resourcefulness and hard work in Murphy, who's also emerging as a team leader or alternatively Herrera who has potential as a young, dynamic player

6) A possible great hitting SS in Flores, who could potentially settle in quickly

7) Granderson who's an all-around nice guy and veteran presence (and I still believe is made for this ballpark if he'll just hit the gaps)

8) Possible excitement from either den Dekker or Nieuwenhuis in LF

9) Stability in the bullpen with relievers that are very solid and could gel into something elite with a little more time in Black, Familia, Edgin and Mejia

10) Finally, a pitching staff that could rival those of the two WS-winning teams. The rotation of Harvey, Wheeler, deGrom and Colon with two of Niese/Gee/Montero is an exciting, sometimes lights-out group of pitchers. You can't tell me kids won't be wearing jerseys from that group if this team starts winning consistently.

Sure, there's a good dose of optimism there about things evolving and players becoming more consistent, and the hard evidence isn't quite there yet, but the signs are pointing in the right direction.

Ideally, we look back on 2014 as the year that Wheeler got the confidence to pound the strike zone, deGrom joined the rotation and showed how good he was, Lagares emerged as a defensive star, Duda gained the confidence that comes with experience, d'Arnaud got healthy and became a major leaguer, and other players like Flores, Nieuwenhuis or den Dekker got their first major league experience.

Maybe I'm delusional--and there are people that would quickly start nodding at that--but there's reason to believe in a lot of these players. It's all about comfort and consistency. Then if this team starts winning and personalities start to emerge there's potential to get some serious momentum going.

Or nothing could develop right, deGrom and Wheeler could be sidelined with TJ, Wright could just be in decline and the team could finish at the bottom of the division for the next 5 years...but it doesn't feel like that's where things are headed.
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#68843 2014 Trade Deadline - Mets Stand Pat

Posted by mjjm367 on 19 July 2014 - 12:27 PM

Great arguments for both sides of a Tulo deal.

I share BBS' concerns over both Tulo's injury history and age. And agree with not wanting to see Wheeler/Snydy included in a package for Tulo. I just don't see how a package without them gets the deal done. I think that if we were to include one of them in a package, we can get a young, more cost controlled stud hitter. Tulo, as good as he is, has the potential to turn into the Santana deal. Great when he is on the field, a financial anchor when he is missing long periods of time.

*Besides, rather than Murphy, I'd think they'd rather have Flores, who is currently tearing up AAA (last I recall) and has the potential to replace Tulo's bat and his fielding position.

Great point here from Airwolf!!! While Flores clearly is not the defensive SS that Tulo is, his bat would play extremely well in Coors field. I think the reason that Flores is being held down in AAA is to allow him to inflate his numbers. And while everyone knows that Vegas numbers are inflated, isn't Coors field the mothership of inflated numbers? Easy for an acquiring GM to explain Flores lackluster numbers at the MLB level to a fanbase as the result of inconsistent playing time. Flores extremely reasonable cost also allows the GM to apply the financial savings to other positions. Might make a lesser, or lesser set of pitching prospects much more palatable.

Best discussion on these boards in a long time.
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#64794 Chase d'Arnaud - A Cheap Option for Shortstop?

Posted by Saxon on 28 February 2014 - 12:04 AM

Texas plays in a ballpark that has a jetstream. That adds to HR totals. Overlaying the two stadiums doesn't tell the whole story. A ball that travels 390 feet to LF in Arlington might only travel 370 at Citi. That's the difference between a HR and an out.

not just the jetstream, but also the heat/humidity of Texas helps the ball carry better than the cold/damp nights of Citi Field with the breezes blowing in "at sea level" from the Long Island Sound (or whatever the large water source is next to Citifield)...




Weather has an important influence on how a baseball travels when it is hit. Air pressure, wind, temperature and humidity are important to note.

Air pressure: Air pressure depends on the elevation of a region and the current weather. Air pressure is usually the most important factor in determining how far a baseball will travel in the air when hit, all else being equal. At higher elevations, air has a lower density. When the air density is lower, baseballs can travel further. Air rubbing against a baseball produces a frictional force. The lower the air density, the smaller this frictional force becomes. Air density also changes depending on whether high pressure or low pressure weather is influencing the region.

Wind: Wind either amplifies or reduces the amount of friction the baseball experiences during flight. Air flowing toward the baseball in flight acts as a force to slow the forward motion. This slows the ball down and reduces its flight path. Wind flowing with the baseball helps it fly longer distances.

Temperature: When air warms, it expands. This warming and expansion lowers the density of the air. This produces longer flight distances, all else being basically equal.

Humidity: At the same temperature, air with a higher dewpoint will be less dense. Click here for an explanation of why this is. At a higher humidity, baseballs will travel a little further, all else being equal.

Optimum for long baseball hits: high elevation, wind blowing out, warm and humid air mass (think Texas at 604 feet above Sea Level in constant 90+ degree heat);
Minimization for long baseball hits: low elevation, wind blowing in, cold and dry air mass(think Queens/LI at 11 feet above Sea Level)

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#57260 Can't wait to start posting again!

Posted by thomasam on 13 August 2013 - 04:06 PM

Hey fellow Met fans! I joined Mets Paradise back in April but thanks to work and getting married in June I've been out of the posting loop. It's been a crazy summer. Of course it's also been a crazy summer for our Mets too, and in mostly good ways when it comes to young talent and looking toward the future.

I was a super-regular on the old CBS boards since about 2007 until they abruptly shut it down. It got to the point where you knew half of the posters really well, and I'm hoping these boards will have the same sense of community. Two old CBS friends are here already for sure (and there might be more, I don't know): NYFANG and Yogi. Great, knowledgeable posters that helped to convince me to decide on Mets Paradise.

I've been a Mets fan for as far back as I can remember, but I usually peg it at 1977 because that's the earliest I can actually recall games. It's also the first year we collected baseball cards and did all of the stuff a kid that's a baseball fan does. My earliest pure game memory was a fireworks game where there was an insane storm that postponed the show. The only time I actually cried when someone I didn't know died was when Murph left us. I missed the last game at Shea but was at the first game at Citi--in the last row of the upper deck so maybe just barely there.

My favorite Met of all time is Mookie, and in recent years I was a huge Beltran fan. I'll always be a pitching-first fan overall though and I can't wait for this new rotation to finally take hold. This has been the most exciting year since 2006 and 2007, and I can't wait for the future and many happy recaps!
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#43931 2013 Mets Outfielders - The Trash Heap Gets Larger

Posted by Mr. Magoo on 29 September 2012 - 05:34 PM

I don't call myself THE GREAT MFO for nothing!!!!!

Yes you do. :)
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#102685 David Wright - His Comeback Has Finally Started

Posted by mjjm367 on 05 October 2017 - 06:43 PM

Can't just look at him and say "Give it up David".  (Obviously more diplomatically).  He has to reach that decision himself.  And has earned the right to.  And is willing to put the work in.  


That being said, I sincerely doubt he will ever be healthy enough to play again (sadly).  He had another back surgery today.




To put it in a little bit of perspective.  I'm turning 60 in about 8 weeks.  Like every other person, I feel the gradual creep of age.  And that gradual creep, little by little, takes away what you were able to do 10, 20 and 30 years ago.  Baseball players playing "lifespan" is much shorter, and I have yet to see one who didn't scratch and claw for every last day.


Now add medical issues to that.  In my case, I have cardiac stents.  The one restriction that puts on me is the amount of weight I can lift.  My endurance is completely unaffected by that.  (My pot belly, on the other hand...)  But I used to do stuff like manhandle the couch, or one of the appliances by myself.  Now, I can't.  Well, I can, but I risk dislodging a stent.  (Damnit, what do you mean "I can't."  Bullshit!!!!  Watch me.)  ‚ÄčThankfully, at that point my wife would talk some sense into me.  A much harder task than you could imagine.  David's spinal issues and shoulder are his "stents".


David has been the best player on the field for his entire life growing up.  And even when he reached the majors, where everyone was the best player growing up, David was elite.  An All-Star.  Barring injuries, a Hall of Fame candidate.  Captain "Freakin" America.


I am very comfortable with letting a player who has earned my respect, one of the good guys, taking the time he needs to get OK with this.  As I'm sure we all are.

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#102074 David Wright - His Future

Posted by Canada Mets Fan on 14 July 2017 - 08:38 AM

Love DW. He has been such a great player and ambassador for the club over the years. Has he ever had a misstep off the field? For those of us who have followed the team for a long time, The Captain was a godsend, an excellent player who did everything the right way and said the right things, it seemed as of the baseball gods had thrown us a bone after all the clowns this team has employed over the years. He was on the road to Cooperstown as a homegrown, lifelong Met.


I have only ever owned one MLB player jersey, and it's DW's black jersey.


Whatever he wants to do in terms of his baseball future is okay with me.

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