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2017/18 Mets Hot Stove - Are All Holes Fill?

#MetsOffSeason Hot Stove 2017/18 Winter Meeting

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#361 yogib8



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Posted 06 February 2018 - 06:01 PM

Lynn and Cobb appear to be the front runners for Mets fans wish lists and both are good pitchers.   The question, and the hard part, is how good and how much to pay for them?


A bona fide contender (Astros, Cubs, Dodgers, etc.)  in need of one piece will overpay with a lack of other options, even if neither is a TOR pitcher. 


A team in need of pitching will overpay if the pitching is the difference between contending and not (Brewers, Angels, Rockies).


The team that has multiple question marks across the board is not a team that should overpay and frankly only pounce if the cost is a gift.  The Mets are, imo, that type of team.   If all things break right and they are contenders in July....that is the time to pay.


To consider "how good" I feel that xFIP is the best measure which is the pitching 3 true outcome.   In a 2017 comparison of SPs with 150 IP Cobb was 38th of 71 and Lynn 55th.


I also compared the same in whip;  Cobb was 49th, Lynn 47th.  ERA surprised me when Lynn was 17th and Cobb 25th.   This suggested that either very good defense or a shut down bullpen bailed them out. 


Both pitchers had DP frequency of 15% (11% MLB avg.) which was a pitcher getting a GB when needed and possibly a good defense as well. 

Both had good LOB%;  Lynn was 9th, Cobb 25th which minimized the effect of the shut down bullpen consideration, because the Cardinal BP allowed 61% of Lynn's inherited runners to score and the Rays allowed 37% of Cobb's runners to score. 


My impression based on xFIP in which both Cobb and Lynn gave up HRs at a higher percentage than avg.  Both had below avg. strikeout rates, and Lynn also had a higher BB % than avg., while Cobb was lower than avg. leading to a somewhat better xFIP position.   Neither had exceptional defense behind them with both teams defenses in the lower half of their leagues.


I believe that both pitchers, flawed as they are, were able to help themselves to get out of frequent trouble based on whip, by getting the opportune DP or timely strikeout.


Middle of the rotation pitchers,  probable improvements on Wheeler, Gsellman, Matz or Lugo might be if they could stay on the field.  Not advocating going after them with too many uncertainties with the Mets.

#362 mjjm367



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Posted 07 February 2018 - 11:33 AM

I personally don't like Frazier one bit.


But, that's just me.


I have already agreed with this, but felt this was worth expanding on.


Frazier drove me nuts during last post season.  STFU you rah-rah bitch.  About as annoying as it gets.  And I'm sure that my reaction was very greatly influenced by the fact that he was on the Yankees. Likely would not have had quite the reaction to him had he been on another team.  Anyway, I kept telling my wife that I couldn't stand the guy.  And lo and behold, the Mets sign him.  (Disclaimer:  a very good signing at the price, personal feelings be damned).


Those of you who have been around a while know that I have had some issues with blocked coronary arteries (I know you are thinking "wait, where the hell did that come from in the middle of this post.  Trust me, it all comes together.)   Well, after 2.5 years of absolutely no problems, I had a few issues again, and had to go back in for another coronary catheterization, my 8th.  (Hey, stop worrying, all the heart arterial issues came back clean, a very good outcome.  Means the issues are far less severe than they could have been.....  Wait, you were worried, weren't you????)


Anyway, I'm so used to this procedure (genetics can be a bitch, can't they) that frankly, I'm bored in there.  Let's just get to it, get it over with and get my ass home.  So they get me to the cath lab, and I'm laying on the table and we are waiting for the doc to come in and perform the procedure, about 10 minutes.  The lead nurse this time is a dude with an Astros head cover.  He's also the one that will inject the sedation.  So, of course, we start talking baseball.  (yeah, picture that, my fat ass laying on a medical table wearing just a gown, talking Mets to the nurse - wait, don't picture that, it ain't pretty.)


So just before he shoots the sedative in, I look at the nurse and tell him "Dude, I just had a horrible thought.  In case something were to go wrong, my last Mets' memory would be "Damnit, we just signed Todd :fbomb: Frazier".

#363 Canada Mets Fan

Canada Mets Fan

    Mets AAA Ball Player

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Posted 07 February 2018 - 12:57 PM

Another classic anecdote from mjjm. Missed those a lot during your absence. Glad you're back and let's hope it's for a long time.

#364 West Coast Mets Fan

West Coast Mets Fan

    Armchair Mgr

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Posted 07 February 2018 - 01:08 PM

mjjm, you are one sick pup.......but that's why we all love you!

#365 mjjm367



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  • LocationHouston, TX

Posted 07 February 2018 - 02:04 PM

Thanks fellas.


Well, since I wasn't able to conceal the fact that I am one sick puppy, I did have one other exchange during the procedure (here comes one of those where my wife would say "OMG, you didn't really post that, did you?", when she knows that I would).


The entry point for my cardiac cath wire is through the femoral artery in the right groin.  So part of the procedure is that you have to have the entry area shaved.  And, in case they have difficulty, they have to prep the left side as well.  For the curious, you are left with a little southern Mohawk hair style (and you are as sick as I am for being curious).  Anyway, they tape a dishtowel sized cloth over your (insert euphemism here).  It's called a privacy towel.


Now wait just one :fbomb: minute here.  A "privacy" towel????????  Who are we :fbomb: kidding?  I'm laying flat on my back only wearing a backless hospital gown that is currently pulled up to my armpits, while receiving a buzzcut manicure from a grey haired woman, who tapes a cloth over my thing when enough hair is already shaved away!!!!  (Kinky right - normally I have to pay double for that kind of service - "You want to what???? That will be extra.")


And can someone explain to me why it had to be the grey haired lady, as opposed to the damn hot looking 30ish nurse who did everything else?  Hell, she got to start the IV, she owed me!!!! (And comments like that are the reason why I don't post stuff like this while my wife is home.)


So anyway, there is a 15 minute space between the prep and when they wheel you into the cath lab.  So, I figure better now than then, I request to go to the rest room.  "No problem sir, just be aware of the privacy towel."  And I stand up, and on this visit, the privacy towel hangs half way between my knees and my ankles.  I mean, just how much "privacy" can one man need?


Of course, I'm not letting this go unremarked.  It's ShowTime boys.  Nurse (the hot one) to my left, wife to my right.  Turn to the nurse and say "You know, if my wife had just started with me and seen this privacy towel, she would have been severely disappointed."  Laughs (all the nurses) and gasps (and a kidney punch) from the wife. 


"If I needed this towel, I'd be making movies". 


One nurses response - "Well, we can get an appropriate sized towel, but we were being nice".  "Ma'am, it's cold in here, and shrinkage is a scientifically proven fact.  It was even on Seinfeld."


And I take the remains of my dignity, along with my slightly flapping hospital gown into the rest room with me.


My dear wife puts up with a lot.

#366 yogib8



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Posted 07 February 2018 - 02:23 PM

 It was even on Seinfeld."



Truly :rotfl:

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